Replenish your hair and scalp with the AMELIORATE Regime Kit. Packed with a host of cult-favourites, the haircare bundle comes equipped with science-backed formulas that work to hydrate and nourish. Perfect for people prone to dandruff and flaky scalps. The Set Contains: Claryfing Shampoo 100ml A thorough, effective cleanse is promoted, without leaving your hair feeling stripped of natural essential oils. Smoothing Conditioner 100ml The luxurious conditioner coats your strands in moisture, locking it in for long-lasting, touchable softness. The appearance of split ends are minimised, as an enviable gloss is encouraged. Clarifying Scalp Exfoliant 90ml The potent exfoliant works to slough away dead and dull skin cells, reducing the risk of dryness and itchiness. Transforming Scalp Serum 90ml The deeply-hydrating serum creates a veil of moisture across your scalp, without leaving a heavy, oily residue behind. Perfect for an indulgent night in after a challenging day. Soothing Scalp Essence 50ml Water-based and lightweight, the daily essence works to provide relief for irritation and redness. The illusion of healthier-looking hair is promoted, along with an enviable gloss.

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